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An English –Italian joint venture business established following the invention of the anti-drip cone holder. With headquarters in London, the company can meet very large production orders with affordable price for the finished product.


Its Conception

  • The idea that led to the creation of the anti-drip cone holder was the need to improve hygiene standards during handling , serving and consuming ice cream cones , avoiding the use of paper napkins wrapped around the cone before serving the customer and the importance for the ice cream server not to handle both cones and money , as is frequently the situation.


An innovative, eco-friendly anti-drip cone holder made of 100% recycle paper. A quality product both in appearance and in material used, it's clean, durable and biodegradable. It's also compostable and absorbent suitable for food contact use. Laboratory tested for composition content and within the recommendations of Framework Regulation (EC) 1935/2004. - Available in personalized logo designs - Choice of colour for special orders - Holds most types and sizes of cones and can be custom branded with personal logo designs. - A welcomed and reassuring service for the customer. - A selling point and marketing advantage to all those in the ice-cream trade.

Event & Fairs:

Kippo will once again play a major role at next year's Sigep International Fair Rimini 2017(Italy) 37st Artisan production of Gelato, Pastry, Confectiona.

Kippo Stand

A rotating Kippo stand made of a durable, easy to clean acrylic glass. Ideal for use on countertops.
Displays a selection of colours and is a perfect compliment with Kippo.


In this video you can see Kippo in its ease and effectiveness of use.

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